the reasons for this project

In this project I wanted to ask the public to give me the possibility to achieve my utopia: creating the biggest plant sculpture in the world. Verdecuratoda is a social art project in which the community involved becomes an integral part of the artistic process. The final result won’t be tangible, but it will be a change of habits that will positively affect the surroundings. The public will enter the process and will assume a part of the responsability, in a way that allows the work to benefit the community.

The age in which we live, with the climate change, made the society lose the momentum and the vitality to consider utopian proposal in various areas of life. Everything is made quickly without adequate planning and design, while the quick change of rates (local/global) has profoundly changed the way to operate, whipping more different fields of research.
I had already explored the theme of utopia in 2008, with a work created with Gilles Clèment, the theorist of the three concept of the Garden: Mouvement, Planétaire, Tiers Paysage. In the called “La Verde Utopia” (the Green Utopia) is analyzed in a economical, ecological and social way, one of Clèment’s main themes of research, the diversity, concluding with the proposal of an “achieveable” utopia. Next to the video are showed a series of portraits of utopian thinkers of the western ecological thought.
In Verdecuratoda…voi I would like to show you I’ve tried to restart from a small utopia, with a simple object that belongs to our daily life, that changing it’s normal use, it offers us the possibility to make a responsible gesture the project is entitled Verdecuratoda…voi, it is a work of art society in which the local community is involved and becomes an integral part of making art.
The end result will not be tangible, but it will be a change of habits that has a positive effect on the sorrounding environment. The Public enter the process and asume part of responsability so that the work becomes from the community.